$250 Cash Back - Credit Card

$250 Cash Back - Credit Card

M&T Bank Cash Back Award will be reflected as a statement credit on the Credit Card account associated with this Rewards account. Cash Back awards will be posted as a current transaction credit, not as a payment to satisfy an owed balance or minimum payment. Please allow up to 2 business days for the Cash Back Award to be posted to your account. Cash Back Awards are non-returnable.

Please note that if your statement credit pays your entire outstanding balance, you will not be assessed a late fee if you do not also submit a separate minimum monthly payment, even if online banking or the mobile app state otherwise.

To redeem once, click “add to cart”.

To set up automatic redemption, check “Auto-redemption item” and enter the total number of times (1 to 999) you would like to automatically redeem for the item. Then click “add to cart”.

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